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About Destiny ..
--------------------------- ♥

You can call me Inny [Ee-nee]
Formerly known as lunarrainbowpromise
Current Residence Alfred's glasses
Birthday September 12
Contact Me
Latest Catchphrase "It's all good."

<3 .. Video games. Books. Manga. Anime. Bass Guitar. Piano. Rock Music & Related Genres. My Friends & Family. Tennis. Traveling. Wolves. Japanese Culture. Sarcasm. Writing. School. Forensic Science. The Little Things in Life. Staying up Super Late for No Reason.

</3 .. Pollution & Animal Abuse. Boredom. Stress. Time Limits. Writer's Block. Homework Overloads. Typos. Getting Up Early. Vanity. Sparkly Vampires. Yaoi & Yuri. School Uniforms. Times New Roman Font. Tornadoes. School. Governmental Dishonesty. Political Correctness.

♥ P l e a s e V i s i t
Because Nomi's totally amazing! :'D
She's even the one who told me about dA. ; ,;
Thanks Nomi~!

Current Residence: | Texas |
Favourite genre of music: | Post-grunge, classic rock, hard rock, grunge, heavy metal, glam metal, punk rock, J-rock, J-pop |
Favourite style of art: | Anime, mainly |
Operating System: | Ruby red Dell Inspiron 1521 laptop with Windows Vista |
MP3 player of choice: | 160 GB black iPod Classic and iPhone4 |
Wallpaper of choice: | Currently: The Samurai Champloo trio |
Skin of choice: | My own |
Favourite cartoon character: | Anime: Mail "Matt" Jeevas, Toboe, Yoshiyuki Taira, Eyes Rutherford, Zelgadis Graywords |
Personal Quote: | "Without light, there is no shadow." |
Well…school’s started back for me. This last Monday, actually. This means that I’ll only, really, be online when I’m avoiding schoolwork (Not that I’ve been online much more over the summer ._.; ).

School, this year, is pretty good so far. :D I have physics first period, an hour study hall (which makes up periods second and third), English 11 fourth period, US history fifth period, and Latin III last (which is after school, technically). The reason I have a whole hour for study hall is because I’m taking algebra II on my own, online, and Latin III is tagged on after school, since the Latin teacher has to teach other classes during the regular school hours. And I’ve taken all of the Friday classes available, so I don’t have school on Friday this year. Finally. xD
My only new teacher is my physics teacher, and he…he has this oh-so-serious sarcasm that was a bit intimidating to me before I knew him. (I mean, I’d seem him around school in previous years and spoken with him, but I didn’t know him too well, since I’d never had him as a teacher before.) Well, I was being stupid. :XD: Now that I’m in his class, I love his humor and I love his teaching method. He’s freakin’ hilarious. xD And he’s actually really nice, and probably more helpful than any teacher I’ve had since entering high school.
Oh, and my class is all guys this year. XD There’s a girl in US history (she’s a morning student, but she has history with us afternoon students), but, otherwise, it’s just me and the four guys in my class. It’s nice. :XD: The guys make me laugh every year, but the girls I’ve had in my class lately just tend to cause drama. What’s also nice is that I’ve known two of the four guys in my class for a long time now.
Anyway, I’ll stop with the school stuff. Lol, most people I know irl haven’t even started (I think most start next week or so?).

Okay, update on life: See above paragraph. Yeah, school. Just…school. x_x; :icongermanyfacepalmplz:

dA update: I am SOOOO sorry for getting behind on everything. |||orz I said I’d try to do better, but I’m not really doing much better.
I like to save all of my friends’ art for last (for faving and such), because I like to comment when possible, but…it hasn’t been possible. =( So, I’m really sorry, but I’m going to have to do some fave ‘n’ runs (which I hate doing for people who actually respond to comments).
As for journals, I am behind on those, too. ^^; Commenting on many now would be pointless (since they‘re mostly irrelevant at this point), so I’ll just have to read them. Rest assured, I read EVERY SINGLE JOURNAL I RECEIVE, and I do like to comment on the ones posted by friends/people who actually bother to respond (I also like to leave my condolences on the journals that concern tragedies, no matter whether the deviant responds to posts or not), but I probably will not comment on very many (if any) this time around.
I may drop a comment on a poll, and I’ll definitely reply to messages, responses, and notes written to me.

Oh! And thank you for everyone who gave me a llama! ; u; When I wasn't looking, I reached albino and then super albino! I really appreciate it! >u< If you've given me a llama, and I haven't given you one yet, you'll get one from me soon~ xD

*sighs* I had to do it…I removed the awesome ID :iconyu-nomii: made for me. =( I kept it up for a while because I loved it so much, but I felt the need to remove it because it’s not my art. I wish there was a way to be able to have an ID without having it be the art I’ve uploaded. I’m really sorry to those who have faved it and commented on it, and I’m also sorry to you, yu-nomii. ._.
You can find it t the following link now:…
…Now, I think I should make myself an ID. =/;
Speaking of which, I’ve got two new ideas for avatars…I think I’ll make them both and alternate between those two and the one I have now. xD

Lastly, I think I’m going to upload some art, maybe today? Like I’ve mentioned before, I’ll try to upload one per month, and I’ll see if I can catch up with July and August and upload two. Right now, I don’t think I have more than two ready to upload, at all, anyway. xD;

Oh, ahaha, I got through most of my goals from the last journal. xDD I’ve updated it a few times since first posting, if you’re interested in seeing what I got done.

Anyway, I’ve done most of my homework for this weekend, but I’ve still got a story to write for English (for a test grade), a bit of physics left (five questions, I think?), and a Latin test to study for (that’s on Tuesday), plus some math homework to do at home, and my AP project for history (I can get to it this weekend…I’ve got a third of it done, already, and I’ve finished my AP English project already. x) ).

:iconberwaldplz::iconsaysplz:G’bye, fer now!
Wow...without even mentioning the word "Hetalia", I've managed to litter this journal with it...

- - - - -

Still one quiz per journal~~~

+ Known as: Destiny (nicknames being Des, Dest, and Inny)
+ Born: September 12, 1993
+ Haircolor: Dark brown
+ Eyecolor: Gree/blue/gray (alternates, mainly between blue and green)


+ Fallen off the bed? A couple of times. Once, in my sleep....and I only know because I woke up hours AFTER it had happened and realized I was on the floor~ xDD
+ Broken someone else's heart? I...don't think so.
+ Had your heart broken? Nuh-uh.
+ Had a dream come true? Mm-hmm.


+ Wearing: A gray t-shirt from my (former) favorite radio station and black fleece pajama-bottoms. The radio station was taken off the air way earlier this year and replaced with a crappy one. ._.
+ Listening to: My mom dial the phone.
+ Located: In the Lonestar state~
+ Chatting with: No one
+ Watching: Well…I’m not watching it, but a Dracula movie from 1992 is on TV right now, but it’s muted. xD
+ Should REALLY be: Algebra II homework, English homework, or my AP US history project…or something else productive.


+ Do you brush your teeth? 'Course. xD
+ Have any piercings? Ears.
+ Drive? I can and do, but not all that often.
+ Drink? Nope.
+ Have a cell phone? I got an iPhone this month. c: (I wanted a Droid, but I’m not complaining. xD)


+ Hugged: My dog, Kagome. XD
+ IMed: yu-nomii and her sister MayMizuki
+ Talked with on the phone: yu-nomii a long time ago.


+ What do you want to be when you grow up?: A crime scene investigator? o u o
+ What comes first in your life? My family (including my pets, by the way) and my friends.
+ Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend/crush? Not at the moment.
+ What are you most scared of? Tornadoes and certain people.
+ What do you usually think about before you go to bed? The most random, random crap. xD;;
+ Did you lose someone you really loved? Not in a long, long time.
+ How many times have you FALLEN in love: I haven't.


+ Movie: Ummm...Idiocracy? I have no current obsessions, but I’m always up for Idiocracy or another good comedy.
+ Band: Of all time? Led Zeppelin~
+ Store: I have an obsession with this huge place near my house that sells used video games, movies, CDs, game consoles, phones, gaming equipment, etc. and posters, and Half-Price Books. Clothing-wise? Hot Topic, I guess.
+ Cousin: I haven't seen any of them in so long. o u o;; I guess, only choosing from my father's side, Vicky and Joshua. Do NOT make me choose between the two. >.>
+ Sport: Tennis~ :heart: But I’m probably going to take sharp-shooting/marksmanship, archery, and horseback riding very soon. And, just for the record, I’m not taking shooting and archery for hunting or anything like that…I’ve been interesting in archery since I was eleven, and knowing how to shoot just seems like a good skill to have in today’s world.
+ Food: :iconpastaaaplz:
+ Candy: Um...a Whatchamacallit or a Hershey's Zero? No, no!!! POCKY~!
+ Day of the week: Friday, right now, probably. I don’t have any Friday classes at school. =u=
+ color: Black.


+ Like to give hugs? Nah, I don't. xD;
+ Like to walk in the rain? I don't mind the rain. :)
+ Prefer black or blue? Black, generally.
+ Sleep on your side, stomach or back? Stomach, generally. ^^;
+ Have a goldfish? I've had an everything from a freshwater eel to a little beta fish...but I've never had a goldfish as a pet. xD We had a pond outside, though, where we had about six. All of the goldfish are dead, now, though, so we’ve converted it into a small pool for my dogs, since they’d go swimming in it, anyway. xDDD
+ Ever have the falling dream? No, I haven't. HOWEVER! I do that weird sudden flinch in my sleep sometimes due to stupid things, like....get this. XD Once, while I was drifting off to sleep, I had a dream where I was in a supermarket, and I was, I guess, riding in a shopping cart? xD And it was booking it, too! And I ran into another cart, and flinched in real life. :shrug:
+ Have stuffed animals? Just my old ones, stored away...and an L plushie from A-Kon. <3


+ Pierced nose or tongue? Neither.
+ 7th heaven or dawsons creek? Neither. xP VH1 Classics all the way!
+ Chocolate or flowers? Chocolate, duh.:XD:
+ Color or Black-and-white photos? I usually prefer colored, but it really depends.
+ Stay up late or sleep in? How about both? c:
+ Hot or cold? depends.
+ Sun or moon? Moon~~~!
+ Left or Right? Right.
+ 10 Acquaintances or one best friend? One best friend. Always. Although, I have a very small group of friends, who I consider to all be my best friends.
+ Mustard or ketchup? Both? o u o But it does depend on the food. xD
+ Spring or Fall? Fall~
+ Happy or sad: Ooooh, tough one! //sarcasm
+ Wonder or amazement? Hmm....wonder, I guess.
+ McDonald's or Burger King? Neither, really, buuuuut....I have a McDonald's craving every great now and then. Always hated BK, though....but I love their commercials. xDD
+ Mexican or Italian food? ITALIAN!!!! :iconitalyplz:


First best friend: A girl named Amy
First screen name: Um...kilalacutie? I don't remember.
First self purchased CD: Oh gosh, I don't remember that at all. With my own money, I'm pretty sure it was the TWEWY soundtrack from PlayAsia.
First pets: Oh, I had so many! I have a distinct memory of Zoey, a cocker spaniel, from when I was about three. I had some pets before then, I’m sure.
First piercing/tattoo: Ears, that's it.


Last car ride: Thursday, to school.
Last good cry: Hell if I remember...I don't really cry. xD;
Last crush: A guy at my school. I thought he was better than he turned out to be. *sighs* Go figure.
Last phone call: To yu-nomii, a long time ago.
Last time showered: Yesterday afternoon (less than twenty-four hours ago).
Last shoes worn: Converse.
Last Song played: Yuukyou Seishunka (A Song for Chivalrous Youth) by Ali Project, from Code Geass
Last item bought: A planner, for school.
Last annoyance: Being nagged by my mom to go to sleep. >.>;;
Last website visited: Gmail, dA, and Facebook.
Last word/s you said: "Okay~” to my mom. xD She asked me to go with her to do something on Friday.
Last song you sang: I sang along to...Marukaite Chikyuu, from Hetalia. xDD Spain's version and England’s version.
What's under your bed?: Dog hair...lots of it.
What time did you wake up today?: 12:30-ish. I love the weekend. xD
Current mood: Tired...always tired.
current food: None.
Current hair: A mess, since I didn’t bother to comb it out after my shower yesterday, and I even forgot to braid it before going to sleep. xD;
Current annoyance(s): Eh…it’s a long story. I have something school-related
Current hate: Uncertainty...the root of all my hates, at the moment.
  • Listening to: Battle of Evermore (by Led Zeppelin)
  • Reading: Physics textbook and US history textbook
  • Watching: Doctor Who, Rozen Maiden, and .hack//Roots
  • Playing: KH: 358/2 Days and Assassin's Creed II?
  • Eating: A hamburger
  • Drinking: Water


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